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Die Gemeinden in Essen

The Catholic Women Organization (CWO)

Bistum Essen. Women are a crucial force in any society, the Church not an exception. The CWO is an association that helps Catholic women fulfill their roles as baptized members of the Church and as wives, mothers or women living alone. The organization encourages members to model their lives after the life-style of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Patroness of all Christian women.

Power in the Word Group

Bistum Essen. In Hosea chapter 4:6, the Lord says, “my people perish for want of knowledge….” Here, we could say for lack of knowledge of the Scriptures. Thanks to the Vatican II reforms and to the awareness created by the protestant movements in the 1960s and 1970s, the Church encourages more than ever before the study of the Bible by the lay faithful. On going by that, we have a group called, ‘Power in the Word’. The group meets every Wednesday evening to read, reflect and or share the Word of God under the moderation of the priest. The members, through the Bible-sharing, draw strength for their Christian living.

Association of altar girls and boys

Bistum Essen. To encourage young boys and girls to come closer to the Church and remain focused in their faith, we have an association of mass-servers. They serve at the altar by assisting the priest at the celebration of the Liturgy.

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