Die Website der afrikanische katholische Gemeinden in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Other Events

Birthday of Children
Every first Sunday of the month, the community celebrates the birthday of children born within that month. Each receives from the community, a gift.

Parties or social gatherings
Unless otherwise stated, the community meets at Christmas and Easter to make merry and celebrate with friends and well-wishers the birth and resurrection of Christ respectively.

Harvest, Thanksgiving and Bazaar
In the month of October, when every other German Parish celebrates the “Erntedankfest”, the African community celebrates her annual harvest, thanksgiving and bazaar. Part of the money realized in the bazaar is used in helping some less privileged people in Africa. She has two projects in each of the countries represented in the community, namely: Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, East-African countries. In some countries, we have orphanages, motherless babies’ homes, homes for the handicapped.