Die Website der afrikanische katholische Gemeinden in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Visitation Group

Bistum Essen. The English-speaking African Catholic Community in Essen is one family, the fact of coming from different parts of the African Continent notwithstanding. In fact, it is the catholic faith we share more than hailing from Africa that bind us together and makes us one family. As one family, we share our joys and our sorrows after the example of the early Christian community. Sequel to the fact that our number is big and by God’s grace is increasing and owing to the exigencies of time and place in which we find ourselves, it has become impossible for all the members to visit a particular member when he or she is mourning or ‘rejoicing’. But to still show our solidarity to our members and to give each a sense of belonging, we have a visitation group that carries the goodwill message of the whole community to a member who is mourning the dead, sick or has cause to rejoice.