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The Beginnings of the English-Speaking Community in Aachen

aachen-englischThe English Speaking African Catholic worshiping community of the Diocese of Aachen as it is called, came into existence officially in January 2008.

Before this time it has been existing as a group of Sunday-Sunday mass attenders. We have to note that before it even became a Sunday-Sunday group, it was a monthly gathering community. At this time it comprised mostly of Nigerians and especially Igbos who had some affinity to the Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Elele in Nigeria, a Prayer ministry founded by Rev Fr. Prof. E.M.P Edeh C.S.Sp, whose members used to gather once in a month to pray and celebrate the Eucharist depending on availability of Priests. This usually took place on Saturdays in a Church in Aachen.

When Fr Peter Nwanowanye C.S,Sp got involved with this Prayer group, he arranged with the Spiritan Community in Broichweiden, Würselen where he then lived to have the group celebrate the Mass in the community on Sundays. His request found approval.

This arrangement lasted for quite some time. It started attracting more people to the celebrations , and by this time not only Nigerians and not only Africans. The group at the moment is the only officially recognised English community for the Diocese. The implication is that people from different parts of the world who understand English come to worship with us.

It must also be mentioned that sometimes people who do not even understand English also participate. Like we can correctly presume, the mass and other pastoral activities are celebrated in English but with some form of “African art or touch”. This form of celebration, most especially endears it to all who attend. Many of these non-Africans do not become regular members but come around whenever it is possible for them.

The Spiritan Community watched with interest as the Group kept growing till the point where the Diocese got involved and came to observe the group. It is to be believed that the report sent back was so overwhelming that the Diocese immediately approved the group to become the official English speaking community of the diocese of Aachen.

Our Pastoral activities include Sunday Mass at 10,30 am. Preparation for and Celebration of the sacraments according to needs, Benediction, Catechesis, Eucharistic adoration, Childrens’ Class, Choir Practices, Family Pastoral, accompaniment of various groups, Men, women and Prayer gatherings.

We also have social activities like Summer Feast during which the group gathers for Sporting activities, quiz, annual thanksgiving and celebration.

The group has become a one big united family, supporting each other in various ways.