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Englischsprachige Gemeinde Aachen

The Beginnings of the English-Speaking Community in Aachen

aachen-englischThe English Speaking African Catholic worshiping community of the Diocese of Aachen as it is called, came into existence officially in January 2008.

Before this time it has been existing as a group of Sunday-Sunday mass attenders. We have to note that before it even became a Sunday-Sunday group, it was a monthly gathering community. At this time it comprised mostly of Nigerians and especially Igbos who had some affinity to the Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Elele in Nigeria, a Prayer ministry founded by Rev Fr. Prof. E.M.P Edeh C.S.Sp, whose members used to gather once in a month to pray and celebrate the Eucharist depending on availability of Priests. This usually took place on Saturdays in a Church in Aachen.